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2019 Xi'an Air Show Shows New Trends in General Aviation Agriculture, Forestry and Plant Protection

发布日期:2019-10-19 14:49 来源:未知
The highly anticipated 2019 Xi'an Air Show opened in the ancient city of Xi'an on October 17th. In the afternoon of the same day, the theme forum of the current air show “General Aviation Agriculture, Forestry and Plant Protection Field Symposium” was successfully held, demonstrating the latest technologies and achievements of General Aviation in the field of agriculture, forestry and plant protection. The forum attracted more than 30 navigation-related enterprises to participate in the exchange and discussion on the market application of agricultural and forestry plant protection aircraft, and seek new cooperation opportunities.
This forum specially invites Shaanxi Provincial Fruit Industry Center Information and Data Department, Industrialization Department, Production Guidance Department, Trade Promotion Office and other departments, Provincial Apple R&D Center and the person in charge of Baishui County, Luochuan County, and Qianyang County Agriculture and Forestry Fruit Industry participated, built a new platform for cooperation between government and enterprises, and expanded the new path of navigation application.
At the forum, Haifei Te (Xi'an) Helicopter Co., Ltd., Datong Light Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Xi'an Lanyue Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Helicopter Co., Ltd. introduced in detail the specific application and effectiveness of the aircraft owned by each of them in the field of agriculture, forestry and plant protection, and shared experiences and demonstrated innovation results.
At present, general aviation aircraft has been widely used in crop application and weeding, prevention of pests and diseases, fighting flies, flying seeding forestation, forest fire prevention and other aspects, playing an irreplaceable role. In the 2019 Xi'an Air show flight show, Shaanxi Helicopter Co., Ltd. Bell 407 helicopter on-site bucket sprinkler demonstration, can be used in forest protection, fire protection and other fields, which gave viewers a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the application and development of general aviation in various fields .