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Xi'an Aviation Base Investment Environment Description and Cooperation Project Matchmaking Meeting wa

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2019 China International General Aviation Convention Summit Forum and the series of sub-forums were successfully held in the afternoon on October 17th. Among them, at the Xi'an Aviation Base Investment Environment Description and Cooperation Project Matchmaking Meeting, there were more than 150 representatives from aviation manufacturing, financial investment, chamber of commerce and other fields gathered together to discuss new paths for industrial development and seek new opportunities for investment cooperation.
Xianping Ma, deputy mayor of Xi'an Municipal People's Government attended the event. Yong Yao, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xi'an Aviation Base and director of the management committee, delivered a speech. Investment Environment Description and Cooperation Project Matchmaking Meeting is one of the key activities of Xi'an Aviation Base to strengthen the cooperation and exchange of projects and promote a good business environment through the high-standard and professional international exhibition platform of 2019 Xi'an Air Show. The conference promoted important platforms such as Xi'an Aviation Base Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Surface Treatment Park and Lantian Navigation Airport, and presented the excellent aviation industry investment environment and broad development prospects of Xi'an Aviation Base to the customers.
The Xi'an Aviation Base Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which was officially inspected and approved by the state in August this year, is the first comprehensive bonded zone in the central and western region featuring the aviation industry and focusing on the development of medium and high-end manufacturing. It focuses on the development of the civil aviation industry and strengthen the warehousing logistics, foreign trade, international procurement and distribution, international transit, testing and maintenance services, research and development, processing and manufacturing and other bonded businesses according to the three functions of processing, bonded logistics and bonded services granted by the state, and promote the international development of Xi'an aviation industry.
“The aviation industry of Xi’an Aviation Base has distinctive features, especially the highly concentrated aviation resources, which left a deep impression on me.” The participating entrepreneurs said. As the only national economic and technological development zone with aviation as its specialty, Xi'an Aviation Base is based on the abundant aviation resources endowment of China Aviation City, and has created a unique aviation industry chain integrating aircraft design, complete machine manufacturing, flight test identification, strength testing, material preparation, parts processing, and personnel training. After years of development, Xi'an Aviation Base has successfully embarked on the characteristic development path of “aviation leading, industrial district, innovation synergy, and production city interaction”, and has become the core leading force of Xi'an 100 billion aviation industry cluster.