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2019 Xi'an Air show Aviation New Materials and New Technology Innovation Forum was successfully held

发布日期:2019-11-05 16:55 来源:未知
2019 Xi'an Air show was officially kicked off in Xi'an, Shaanxi On October 17th. The Aviation New Materials and New Technology Innovation Forum jointly organized by Xi'an Jiaotong University National Technology Transfer Center Aviation Base Sub-center, Northwest University and Shaanxi Aviation Society was successfully held in the afternoon on the opening day.
With the theme of “new materials, new technologies and new developments”, this forum has gathered more than 40 experts and scholars in the field of aviation new materials to discuss emerging technologies and latest applications in the field of aviation new materials, and jointly to explore the future development trend of new aviation materials.
Yuqi Wang, deputy dean of the department of Chemical Engineering at Northwest University, and doctoral supervisor, delivered a speech on the topic of “Research on New Hydrogen Storage Materials for High-Endurance UAVs”. Jinying Zhang, a distinguished researcher from the department of Electrical Engineering at Xi'an Jiaotong University, gave a report on the application of graphene in aviation materials. Other scholars shared the results of the new material subdivisions in their own researches, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the academic and practical issues of new aviation materials. The atmosphere of the forum was lively and new idea was constantly ignited.
In addition to the Aviation New Materials and New Technology Innovation Forum, the 2019 Xi'an Air Show also held a number of thematic sub-forums such as the Rule by Law Forum of the General Aviation Conference and the Symposium on General Aviation Agriculture, Forestry and Plant Protection, which provided a new platform for exchange, cooperation and win-win to further promote the aviation industry gathering and boost the transformation of scientific research results.