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2019 Xi'an Air Show Rule by Law Sub-forum was Successfully Held

发布日期:2019-11-05 17:00 来源:未知
The 2019 Xi'an Air show Rule by Law Sub-forum was successfully held in Xi'an, Shaanxi on the afternoon of October 17th. The theme of the Sub-forum is “rule by law in business development and win-win development”. More than 50 people from all walks of life from the Civil and Political Affairs Department, the aviation industry, financial institutions, industry associations and law firms gathered in the air show, jointly to explore and look forward to a new chapter in the development of the navigation industry under the background of rebuilding the navigation system.
The forum was jointly organized by AVIC Xifei Civil Aircraft Co., Ltd., Xi'an Aviation Base, China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Chongzhuang Du, member of the Party Working Committee of Xi'an Aviation Base and deputy director of the Management Committee, and Yong Zhang, deputy general manager of AVIC Xifei Civil Aircraft Co., Ltd. delivered the speech. In this forum, there are two exchanges of theory and practice. Rengang Guo, deputy director of the Policy and Regulation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, presided over the “Top-Level Architecture Design and Theoretical Research” module, and Executive Secretary of the China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (China AOPA) Yong Tang hosted the section of “Operation and related enterprise practice sharing”.
At the forum, first-line experts and entrepreneurs in the field of navigation regulations made wonderful speeches on issues in terms of general aviation regulatory system reconstruction, general aviation operation mode, and general aviation management. Aviation Law Expert, Director of Haizhong Aviation Dispute Arbitration Center, Director of Beijing Hengli Think Tank, Ying Nie, and Director of General Aviation Industry Research Center of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Vice President of General Aviation Industry Promotion Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association, Yuanyang Gao commented. The atmosphere of the forum was lively and the interaction was frequent, the participants expressed the fruitful gains from it.
Recently years, as more and more enterprises, talents, and funds flooded into the domestic aviation market, regulating market behavior and creating a healthy development environment have become a strong and realistic demand. As one of the important sub-forums of the 2019 Xi'an Air show Summit Forum, this forum provides a professional and high-standard seminar and discussion platform for people from all walks of life, Thus promoting the efforts of relevant organizations and enterprises to contribute to the construction of a harmonious and rule-based environment.