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2019 Xi'an Air Show is Full of Science and Technology Sense Galaxy Mirage VR Aerospace Carnival Bring

发布日期:2019-10-22 09:54 来源:未知
The Xi'an Air Show, held every two years, is not only a grand event for the general aviation industry, but also provides the general public with an opportunity to get in touch with aviation high technology. The 2019 Xi'an Air Show will launch the wonderful opening on October 17th. The air show this year will introduce the Galaxy Mirage VR Aerospace Carnival. The latest VR technology will enable the audience to become an aviation astronaut, explore the vast unknown space, and experience the wonderful science fiction.
The Galaxy Mirage VR Aerospace Carnival was held by Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co., Ltd. In the B4 Hall of Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, a total of 11 VR technology devices integrating science, fun and interactive experience, including a variety of VR aerospace equipment, such as flight kits, Thunder fighters, simulated rocket launchers, quadruple aircraft, helicopter gunships, and the Tiangong No.1 etc., which will present a "black technology" feast for the audience.
"Our Galaxy Phantom VR series equipment plays an important role in the science education of aerospace knowledge. It is not only technically advanced, but also rich in equipment form. The experience effect is also rigorous in entertainment and scientific education content." Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Co., Ltd. in charge introduced.
It is reported that the Galaxy Mirage VR Aerospace Carnival has been successfully held in many places across the country. The scene has become a popular hot spot, and attracted many people to experience, which has triggered a wave of aerospace culture communication. During the 2019 Xi'an Air Show, the Galaxy Mirage VR Aerospace Carnival will create a great technological atmosphere and effect with rich experience in activities, and use VR Black Technology to ignite the enthusiasm of the citizens to explore the aviation mystery.