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Xi 'an Air Show EAA Aviation Science Popularization Activities ----Hand-Made Aircraft

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What is EAA?

EAA is the abbreviation of the American Experimental Aircraft Association. It is a spontaneous mass flight conference for American aviation enthusiasts and is held ceremoniously every summer.  Tens of thousands of planes of various sizes and around one million fanatical American aviation enthusiasts took part in this grand flight event, most of them are privately owned or homemade small planes.


EAA shows the strong aviation awareness and enthusiasm of the American people. It is the inevitable result of the development of mass aviation activities in the United States to a certain scale. At the same time, it also shows the mass foundation behind the aviation power of the United States.


Part 1 Background of Hand-made Aircraft Activities for Aviation Science Popularization


1. EAA's "Young Eagle Program"

From 1992, EAA started the Young Eagle Program for 8-17 year olds.  The only mission of this program is to introduce and inspire children around the world to love aviation and flying, so that every child can have the opportunity to experience the spirit of aviation.  More than 2 million young people have enjoyed the free entry flight experience provided by EAA members through the program.


2. Initiator of EAA Hand-Made Aircraft Campaign will come to China

Given Flight and One Week Wonder, the initiator of this "EAA Hand-Made Aircraft Activity", will come to China for the first time. An expert team composed of Mr. Wayne, Chairman of Given Flight, Mr. Bally, Director of Young Eagle, and Ms. Kapp, Director of Women Aviation will bring EAA's aviation spirit to Xi 'an Air Show on the spot and personally guide everyone on how to make an aircraft.


Part 2 Lecture on Hand-made Aircraft Technology for Popular Aviation Science


1. Characteristics of EAA's Experimental Aircraft

2. EAA's Manufacturing Process for Experimental Aircraft

3. FAA's Regulations and Safety Requirements for Experimental Aircraft

4. How to read drawings and basic operations

5. Types and Use of Tools

6. Safety precautions

7. Question answering and communication


Part3 Aviation Science Popularization Hand-made Aircraft Practice Class


A number of booths will be set up at the air show site for demonstration, teaching practice and practical operation of aircraft manufacturing, which will be used for practical classes where many people can learn and participate in the aircraft manufacturing process at the same time.

In order to cultivate young people's aviation dreams from an early age, in the practical classroom, a parent-child lecture given by EAA Young Eagle Program experts will be held to introduce the basic principles of aircraft. After theoretical study, practical operations can be carried out. Under the guidance of experts, paper aircraft will be made and aircraft models will be bonded to consolidate knowledge and deepen impression.