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The first fully autonomous unmanned mowing "artifact" in China was unveiled at the 2019 Xi'an Air

发布日期:2019-10-21 11:37 来源:未知
The scene was still lively on October 19th, which was the third day of CIGAC. Whether it is a flight simulation experience or high-tech aviation equipment, it has become a hot spot for this year's air show. Among them, a white beak with a "Beetle" shape attracted many viewers to watch and discuss.
It is an RT-24 fully autonomous unmanned mower independently developed and manufactured by Xi'an Ruitian Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates environmental sensing, path planning, behavior control and safety obstacle avoidance. It is currently the most advanced airport-specific intelligent mowing equipment in China. This device is only one-third the size of a conventional lawn mower.
It is understood that this fully autonomous unmanned mower has an operating area of 10,000 to 15,000 square meters per hour, and one person can operate 2-4 machines at the same time. It has a self-planned and efficient mowing path and a high security system, which enables remote control, monitoring and self-avoidance obstacles, etc. It truly realizes “unmanned mowing”.
As the international and professional exhibition with the highest specifications and largest scale in the domestic general aviation industry, 2019 CIGAC focuses on the application functions. At the flight show site of Pucheng Neifu Airport in Weinan, there are also a variety of aircraft types for general aviation application demonstrations such as agricultural and forestry broadcasting, medical rescue, forest protection and fire protection, so that the public can realize the convenience in daily life which brought by the development of the general aviation industry, and further popularize navigation knowledge and spread navigation culture.