In October, the international "air ballet" will dance in the ancient city!


Single-plane aerobatics, three-plane aerobatics, four-plane aerobatics, and seven-plane aerobatics crossing in large formations ... at the Xi' an air show to be held in October this year, a number of world-renowned aerobatic performance teams, including Lithuania's "air bandits" flight team and Britain's yuppies aerobatic performance team, will present a wonderful aerobatic performance "feast" to the general audience.


The 6th China International General Aviation Conference, also known as the "Xi 'an Air Show", will be held from October 17 to 21 this year at the same time in Xi 'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center and Pucheng Neifu Airport in Weinan.  As a professional and international exhibition with the highest specifications and the largest scale in China's general aviation industry, a series of activities will be held during this aviation exhibition, including flight performance and static exhibition, general aviation summit forum and professional forum, general aviation innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and aviation equipment exhibition.


The highly anticipated air show flight performance will be held at Pucheng Neifu Airport in Weinan on October 18th.  During the three-day event, world famous flying teams such as the champion of the world stunt championship Giggs Keres and Lithuanian "air bandits" flying team and British Yuppies stunt flying team were specially invited.  Among them, Giggs Keres is a famous Lithuanian aerobatic pilot. His aerobatic movements are distinctive and creative, setting many world records and winning honors in many competitions such as the World Aerobatic Championship and the World Aerobatic Grand Prix.


Known as Europe's most elegant and perfect formation flying performance team, the British yuppies aerobatic performance team is the world's first environment-friendly aerobatic performance team with zero carbon emission. it is famous for its complicated and changeable formation modeling and air ballet full of spiritual flying skills. its members' exquisite flying skills and tacit cooperation make aerobatic performance elegant and beautiful.  At that time, these internationally renowned aerobatic performance teams and first-class aerobatic pilots will bring a series of intense and exciting challenging movements such as tumbling over somersaults, high-grade spirals, hammer maneuvers and barrel rolls.  The precise and changeable formation flying performances, such as three-machine formation flowering, four-machine formation combined special effects and seven-machine large formation crossing, will also bring different visual enjoyment to the audience and draw a beautiful picture on the blue sky.


The aircraft static exhibition, which will be held in conjunction with the flight performance, will show a variety of brand models of general aviation aircraft, combining static and dynamic, showing the characteristics of aircraft in different states in all directions.  By displayingthe various elements of aviation culture, the public will have a full view, show the charm of aviation, popularize aviation knowledge to the public, spread aviation culture and carry forward aviation spirit.

For now, the work of Xi 'an Air Show is progressing in a tense and orderly way.  Compared with previous congresses, this congress paid more attention to the experience of the audience and invited AIAA to carry out a series of aviation science popularization activities.  Through technical lectures, demonstration of aircraft manufacturing, teaching practice and other methods, let the audience participate in the process of making aircraft, making aircraft models and experiencing aviation fun.