"2017 CIGAC—Sky Travel Festival" was successfully held


Recently,the 2017 China International Gneral Aviation Conventions warm-up Sky Travel Festival was held at Bai Lu Cang hot-air flight camp in Xian.The event had prototype static exhibition, UAV performa

China International General Aviation Convention E&I Has Signed Up


Introduction of Contest The competition will bring together the top domestic and foreign aviation industry experts, innovative enterprises and investment institutions, in order to find the outstanding

Starting 2017 Xi'an General Aviation Convention Double Play Contest and Determining the Cooperative


The report of evaluating programs involving 2017 China International General Aviation Innovation Competition is to be held on April 18, 2017, in which the leading group office, publicity group, investm

2017 China International General Aviation Convention’s Executive Committee held the briefing


2017China International General Aviation Conventions Executive Committee firstly held the briefing at Xian on April 28 th . Xian Air Bases Deputy Secretary of the Partys working committee, Secretary of